A stand of Baobab trees under dramatic, pink sunset sky, Magical Madagascar Photo Tour
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do rather than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, dream, and discover.

—Mark Twain

Magical Madagascar Photo Tour 2022

Join us for the Trip of a Lifetime

This fantastic tour has been planned so that you can photograph villagers, children and fishermen, who will welcome you into their communities as well as photograph Madagascar’s unique wildlife.

Together with tour leader Nicki Collins Geigert (USA) you will participate in a photographic discovery of the island and an immersive tour that will bring you into intimate contact with the people, culture, environment and amazing natural diversity of Madagascar. On our tour you can expect:

  • Meticulous planning and a very high standard of on-ground operations.
  • Exceptional wildlife viewing, unique opportunities for macro and landscape photography.
  • Excellent accommodation in pleasantly surprising settings.
  • Food ranging from very good to gourmet.
  • Drivers and a local guide whose knowledge will impress even the most demanding photographer/traveller.
  • If needed, continuous professional assistance with your photography and post processing with Nicki.
  • A carefully designed itinerary that reveals Madagascar to you at the right pace to maximize your opportunities for photography.
  • Nocturnal walks in which there is always a surprise sighting of an interesting animal, inset, chameleon, or mouse lemur.
  • Arriving home with the best possible images and memories of your journey through Madagascar.

This experiential travel photo tour will take you to practically all of the iconic photography spots in Madagascar. The locations have been carefully researched. To better the itinerary for photographers would be a challenge!

Magical Madagascar

October 1 - October 16, 2022

15 days

$9,800 per person, double occcupancy*

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* Excludes international flights to and from Madagascar, travel insurance, visa costs and personal expenses, etc. For a complete list of included and not-included expenses please see the notes on the Pricing Details page If you wish a room by yourself a single room supplement of $2,400 is required. Please note this single supplement is payable, in full, at the time of registration. The price is in US dollars. Price subject to change without notice as conditions dictate.

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Magical Madagascar Photo Tour 2022— Overview

This is an experiential travel photo tour, custom-made for photographers and spouses/partners having interests in native wildlife, exotic flora, nature, and breath-taking landscapes. For wildlife photographers, Madagascan wildlife has to be the most foreign. Usually when photographing wildlife in most countries you are able to relate an animal or a bird to the country you are in. I guarantee, Madagascar will change all that.

The tour is confined to a maximum of TWELVE participants, is suitable for participants of all levels of photographic experience and is a trip that a non-photographing spouse or travel partner will thoroughly enjoy.

The 15-day itinerary is planned to take you to both the breadth and most of the length of Madagascar, through tropical rain forests, desert areas, seashores and everything in between. The on-ground logistics are being handled by one of Madagascar’s most experienced operators in the Madagascar travel industry, serving a clientele of outbound tour operators and independent travellers requiring private tours, luxury holidays and specialty travel thorough Madagascar. They are a “100% Malagasy” business meaning they are owned and operated solely by Madagascar nationals.

Most travel tours of Madagascar stay near the capital city of Antananarivo because of the limited road infrastructure across the island. This photo tour definitely takes you off the beaten track.

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  • Luxurious resort hotel room, Magical Madagascar Photo Tour.
  • Two Ring-tailed lemurs walking through the grass, Magical Madagascar Photo Tour.
  • Vezo fisherman in dugout canoe, Magical Madagascar Photo Tour.
  • Closeup of a tree frog on a branch in the forest, Magical Madagascar Photo Tour.
  • Malagasy vendor at farmers market, Magical Madagascar Photo Tour.
  • Rocky outcrop on the grassy savanna under a dramatic sky, Magical Madagascar Photo Tour.
  • Antananarivo under a dramatic sky. Magical Madagascar Photo Tour.
  • Malagasy women on the beach with an amazing sunset, Magical Madagascar Phoro Tour.

Magical Madagascar— A biodiversity hotspot


Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. The island's inhabitants, the Malagasy, are wonderful and open people and I've come to enjoy seeing my friends on my regular visits. Madagascar is wonderous and diverse, it would take years to photograph its kaleidoscopic collection of unique subjects. Because of its unique flora and fauna (up to 80% of its species exist nowhere else in the world and rivals Brazil in its diversity), it is a dream destination for nature lovers and photographers. The island is full of exotic species and diverse plant life, with much still unknown about many of them.

This small group photographic safari (a maximum of TWELVE participants, excluding Nicki Geigert and our Guide Hery) has been created for experienced and emerging photographers who have a passion for photographing some of the best of Madagascar’s landscapes, seascapes, culture and wildlife.

On this tour, a 12-seater Cessna Caravan chartered aircraft will be used to transfer participants to the nominated destinations, thus avoiding the problems frequently associated with regular flights through the limited airports of Madagascar. Because of this, there is a reasonably strict weight limit with soft sided luggage applicable on the tour. You should be able to carry your camera gear as hand luggage and if your other gear (clothes, tripod, etc.) is packed in soft-sided duffel-type bags, you will satisfy the pilot’s requirements.

Irrespective of your existing photography expertise or experience you will be taught how to capture the expanse of the island’s landscapes and photograph the best of its wildlife. While you learn about camera technique and approaches to composition, the aim is to transform your photography, not merely add to it.

While you learn about camera technique and approaches to composition, the aim is to transform your photographic level of expertise, not merely add to it. You will be able to choose some of your images for group discussions, and we will see as a group, how each image can be enhanced in Lightroom.

Some of the highlights you will see on this trip include:

  • Vezo fishermen still living off the sea, still using pirogues to sail more than 50 kms offshore, just as their forebears did thousands of years ago.
  • A kaleidoscopic collection of lemurs! Madagascar has over 60 species of lemurs, including the elusive Aye Aye and the tiny mouse lemurs, which are considered endangered. To help protect them and other unique species, the government has set aside over nine million acres (3.7 million hectares) of land. Other lemurs you will see include: the brown, bamboo, ruffed, diademed, indri indri, eulemur fulvus, hapalemur griseus, to name a few.
  • Fascinating chameleons— some of the smallest in the world!
  • The most amazing frogs, birds, butterflies and insects that anyone has ever seen and that exist nowhere else.
  • Baobab forests with trees up to 800 hundred years old— excellent subjects for sunset photography and inclusion in star photography.
  • Outstanding flora like you have never thought existed— orchids, carnivorous plants, granadilla wood, and the most beautiful and rarest palm trees.

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